14 Different kinds of asian eye shapes.


it comes in handy


A quickly thrown together tutorial just to show the practical applications of Gradient Maps for painting purposes.

I would still do some paint overs or even use multiple gradient maps to get your desired colored effect. But this is a good way of quickly getting a LOT of color experimenting done in like a minute. This is about as close as Photoshop gets to a “make art” button.

I hope you folks find this helpful!



+ Attitude
…. and preferably blue

Guide to fit

let me tell u all a thing


when you draw suits, there is reference
there is so much reference, here is some reference

here are some things you may notice suits do not do

- the bottom hem of the jacket is straight across, it does not arch toward the center front

- the jacket extends beyond the beltline, i do not need to be staring deep into the crotch of a fully suited man

-lapels are not outer labia
-lapels are not inner labia
-lapels are not squiggly lines
-seriously there is so much god damn reference.

For real.


speaking of suits, here’s a thing I did trying to explain a simpler way to draw and understand lapels

ed.: I realize some of the accompanying text is lost to the ages, so a brief summary: the idea is that you can align the points of a diamond along the collarbones

put the lapel’s notches at those left and right points




Groove Billed Ani birds look prehistoric.


i HONESTLY thought this was a perfect restoration of something from the Cretaceous, i adore these birds


Ornate Hawk Eagle

Let’s get hairy


Describing appearance is something a lot of you struggle with and it is something I struggle with, especially when I’m trying to describe truthfully without making it boring or overly elaborate. Hair however I find even more tiresome to describe. I find it especially different because I don’t know much about hairstyles or trends. So I gathered some links that hopefully should help you with developing your characters appearance. 

Hair Colour

Hair colour like anything has trends, different shades are in at different times of year and certain colours suit some complexions better than others. Whether or not this matters to you or your character is dependant on how much you care about it, but if you do these links below should help you out.
Find the best hair colour for you
Popular hair colours of 2013
Describing Hair Colour
List of hair colours
History of hair colour
1920s Flapper hair

Popular female hairstyles

Hair styles change, I mean think of the trends. The Rachel haircut in the 90s, the Beckham bob… there has been lots of different styles that have gone in and out of fashion. Although this is not of major importance in your novel, it’s nice to know what styles were popular in the time you are setting your story. 

30 Victorian Hairstyles, victorian evening hairstyles
Hairstles from 1900-1920
1920s flapper hairstyles
1930 hairstyles
1940s hairstyles (WW2 styles).
1950s ladies hairstyles, Hairstyles in the 1950s
Womens 1960s hairstyles, 1960s hairstyles
Womens 1970s hairstyles,
1970s hairstyles expressed individuality and freedom
Totally Rad hairstyles from the 1980s, womens hairstyles and looks of the 1980s
19 most important hairstyles of the 1990s, Hairstyles from the 90s (includes mens) , the long and short of 90s hair
The 15 best hairstyles of the last decade, best hair trends of the 2000s
Popular hairstyles of the 20th century

Popular Male hairstyles

Like women male hairstyles are heavily influenced by celebrities and fashion. Think about the mullet! And that wacky Bowie hair! Oh and lets not forget the mohawk made popular by Becks! So mens hair changes with styles but men have a little extra hair on their face- BEARDS. So I’m also including links for popular beard styles. So let’s get started!!!
Hair at the 19th Century
Hair of the 20th Century
The 30 most iconic styles
1980s male hairstyles
The 15 most important male hairstyles of the ‘90s
Mens hair trends 2000-2009
25 Trendy male Hairstyles
Top 40 Male Hairstyles UK
Mens Hairstyles

Facial Hair

History’s most famous facial hair
Facial hair and beard styles
Top 8 facial hairstyles
Facial hair 101

If this interests you and you find the links useful, brilliant! If not, never mind!



Free Hi-Res Paper Textures (For both personal and commercial projects!)

  1. Old Paper Texture
  2. Rough Paper Texture
  3. Wrinkled Paper Texture