Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝ Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2014 #1

Inspired by the lovely lovely response from the fandom (thank you all guys, you’re fantastic ;u; <3) I decided to draw more of my stupid baby overseer. I added Noriah’s friend, Eoghan to the doodles! I don’t know much about him yet, except that he’s not so uptight about the Abbey’s teachings, also he comes from Morley.

Also, Noriah’s wolfhound is called Charity, yes. I was going more with this meaning of the word rather than the one denoting an organisation. I’d rather have it named Caritas, but since I have no idea whether there is any equivalent of Latin in the world of Dishonored, I went with the more linguistically-plausible option :U (shutupnerdno1curr). I’m very much convinced Noriah wanted to give his hound a name with a pleasant connotation. Still, it can get as ferocious as any other wolfhound, so beware >:U!

My dash calls for Dishonored OCs! I’ll put Noriah in EVERY AU POSSIBLE :P I actually made these much earlier, but for the occasion I decided to pimp up a doodle portrait so as to have a nice header for the post. I’m still experimenting with painterly style.

AS FOR OVERSEER NORIAH, instead of revealing his entire backstory Imma just leave you with doodles and the heartlines I wrote for him, because I think it’s a neat way to introduce a character.

He avoids looking at the faded bloodstains on his salvaged uniform. He’s afraid it will bring him bad luck, even though he would never dare to say it out loud.

Only when he gives solace to the citizens of Dunwall, explaining the ways of the Abbey, does he really feel useful.

He fears the low coast of Dunwall and the creeping ebb and flow of the sea ready to sink the city.

Had the heretic’s spring razor trap worked properly, he would have been dead. The encounter has left only scars.

His piety stems from fear.

His mother was a witch. His father reveres the Abbey now. They haven’t seen each other since the Overseers came.

Water is present in all his nightmares.

He left the safe walls of the Abbey to celebrate the Fugue Feast once. He found something he both did and did not want to find.


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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ ezra s/s 2014

I should just call this blog “portraits - the blog” OTL

But they’re so fun to draw and paint, NNNNNNGH.

I was forcing myself not to polish it up smooth, just leave some parts very painterly, bc I usually start hating my pics when they’re baby-butt smooth. Also, taking photo portraits and running them thru “crystallize” filter in potatochop to get basic skin tones is great.


Spring/Summer 2013 Zuhair Murad

palidoozy-art answered your post: Dear Tumblr, I have a question!

RESEARCH. Lots and lots of research. If you can, try to get sources written by the actual people who believe and practice it.

That goes without say! What I am concerned about more is whether a cultural mishmash in a design would be a bad thing or not. But thank you for a reply nevertheless :)

Detail shots of the last painting! I really like how it came out.

Dear Tumblr, I have a question!

I’d like to redesign some of my old characters, namely a pantheon of deities, to be more inclusive race-wise. In my and my friends’ headworld, the gods basically create all the races basing on themselves (pretty standard), and while there are some non-humanoid races, the rest is pretty much humanoid but still diverse. The social/ethnic groups of our headworld worshipping the gods take elements from their image(or images, since they most likely shift here and there) and incorporate them, among other things, into their cultures.

I would like to base the gods’ designs on existing cultures, but I’m afraid that if I mash elements from many small ethnic groups into one design, it will be taken as appropriation. What I’m thinking about here is, for example, for the fire/sun deity, I’d like to incorporate some African themes, basing on the multitude of existing ethnic groups in Africa, without mixing in any other influences. And so on and so forth for other gods. What I’m trying to avoid is appropriation and something that looks like an uneducated mash-up.

So, any tips? How do I go about this?

Perhaps it’d be better if their designs changed, basing on where they would appear in the headworld, to resemble one culture more than others?