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This just in, heronsnest's Whaler OC Dima and my lady Whaler Piece are the two biggest adopted sibling doofs ever

(grouchy older brother subtly encouraging not-so-little sister’s self-denied feminine interests)




BEst doofs omg wehh ;; <3 I DON’T DESERVE THE LOVE

Zuhair Murad - Spring Summer 2011

Whaler uniform Dima, whoooo wheee, he’s smiling wow what a rare sight. Silly grouchyass Whaler baby. 

I made an OC sheet for him, if anyone’s interested, click HERE <3

Or if miraculously you wanna know something that’s not explained in the character sheet or just interact with the grump, feel free to go to my ask box hereee.

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i wanna know everything about him. all the quirks, how he reacts to things/powers/daud/whalers, his morning routine, his nightly routine, what his favorite drink is, if he collects things, what he does during breaks, tell me thingss

I’ll try to write down his OC sheet as soon as possible, and perhaps post more things (I’ve been busy doodling lol). AND YES they sure can meet, I want him to meet all the Whalers \o/ He’s a wary grouch, but he’s already made friends, so maybe it won’t be so bad! ALSO, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT BBY NOAH

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Interesting! Ballet, that’s quite new. Also lovely quotes. But I think it should be BorisOvich if you are going for the Russian patronymic. :3

dadkjfhKJHajsdghjasghd I KNEW I should have asked you, I was about to, but I didn’t want to bother you XD’ And thus the result. I’ll correct it asap, thank you <3

So, uh, my hand slipped and I made a new Dishonored OC *sweats*

Meet Dmitri Borisovich Salagin, a former ballet dancer and currently a Whaler. I finally had an interesting idea for a Whaler character \o/ I wanted to make one for a long timeee =w= More sketches to come, as soon as I can be bothered to upload them… And for now, let the heartlines serve as an introduction:

His name is Dmitri Borisovich Salagin. A Tyvian, a dancer, a murderer.

His dearest friend stabbed him in the back, he stabbed his friend in the stomach.

Oh, if you could only see him on stage, all grace and poise, those days are long gone now.

Shrouded in shadow this one, and from the shadow he emerges, quiet. Deadly.

Broken lives and shards of memories are strewn across the floor he dances on.

The braces he wore were a cage worse than any prison.


(First Part)

Heathen-Go-Lucky: Part 15

Wilbur Rowe, sir, you tease! It’s not nice. It makes noseless Overseers try to hide behind a cup of tea and it’s really not a very good hiding place.

When Wilbur and Sebastian met for the first time, the Overseer was a sneering snobbish unkempt zealot. As they toiled through the Plague together, slowly Renard grew to respect Rowe. And then the Plague ended and the mustache happened and Renard has been reduced to a swooning blushing awkward zealot. At least as long as Wilbur is around.

Wilbur Rowe belongs to luffik.

Overseer mask/hood idea outrageously stolen from heronscry. Such a good explanation of how their fabric masks work!

Next strip will be up by July 20. Some major canon characters will make an appearance. Thanks for reading and for waiting! :O

(and then I put it on the wrong blog)

If he ran into Noriah after that, much judging would be had, considering how Seb KEEPS HIM AND HIS DEAR BOYFRIEND APART AT ALL COSTS.

(Meanwhile I keep returning to this comic because it feels me with pink sparkly happy shippy glee and giggles. Also, I didn’t mention how SMOKIN’ hot Wilbur looks. Hngh. Good choice, Seb, good choice.)



Tarun Tahiliani Menswear

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